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Patch Notes 10-24-21

Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2021 10:11 am
by Tc001
First Ohka BOTS Halloween event!

During the event you have a chance to build and level a new Minibot, fight and transform into a dangerous boss, find an ultra rare Halloween themed Spirit and grab yourself the Jack head - four exclusive Halloween items with three re-skinned maps and a 50% EXP bonus during the event!
Halloween will run until the Monday the 8th of November.

New Halloween Minibot, Spook(E)!
--> Levels 25, 55 and 95 have all been re-skinned with a Halloween theme.
--> Each map drops their own unique fragments that are required to obtain Spook(E).
--> Spook(E) can be purchased in the shop for 1 of each of the three items and 0 gigas.
--> Players can obtain as many of these as they wish, and they will be tradeable after the event
--> Spook(E) has its own levelling system and automatically levels up after its accumulated enough EXP for each level.
----> 1 -> 2: 3000
----> 2 -> 3: 7000
----> 3 -> 4: 25000
----> 4 -> 5: 55000
--> Spook(E) will no longer level up after the event.
--> The item will become tradeable at its current level after the event.
--> Removes the EXP range check for themed levels while equipped.

Spook(E) will gain the following stats at each level -
1: 15 Luck
2: 400 HP
3: 10 Speed
4: 2~4 Basic attack
5: 4~6 Basic attack

New Transformation Pack & Boss, Reaper!
--> Reaper uses the Blaster moveset and has increased movement speed and damage as a transformation pack.
--> Reaper transformation pack drops on all 3 themed levels at 1/1000 per box chance.
--> Reaper boss can be found on the re-skinned 95 and has a 1/400 per box chance to drop the transformation pack.
--> Reaper boss has smart AI and boasts lethal damage, high movement speed and smart A.I.

Jack Head!
--> Jack is available in the shop and offers the standard Crit/Evade/Special Transformation stats.
--> Jack can only be bought in the permanent variant for 600 coins.
--> Jack will only be available during the Halloween event.

Halloween Spirit!
--> All Spirit guns found during the event will be transformed into the Halloween variant, only for the event!
--> Halloween Spirit is mostly cosmetic to add another ultra-rare into the game, but does have +1 recharge on the regular Spirit.

TG coin Flags & Minibots!
--> You can now purchase TG variants of Flags and Minibots in the shop for coins.
--> We're very cautious about adding more TG into the game, so the items will be released with 40 TG each. We will buff these items if they underperform in PvP & Base modes.
--> We wanted to add TG so that Ram players had an option for early coin sets.
--> As the TG is lower than the value of the TA, TD & TS options, these variants are massively discounted (200 coins for Flags, 250 coins for Minibots)

We're now buffing transformation packs in new ways to help them become worth using. There will be further buffs to other weaker packs in the future.

Lion Mecha
--> Run speed greatly increased.
--> Melee and jump attack hitboxes increased.
--> Dash attack hitbox slightly increased.
--> Giga price increased from 55,000 gigas to 115,000 gigas.
--> Damage lowered from 125min225max to 100min 100max.

General Scourge
--> Run speed slightly increased.
--> Melee and jump attack hitboxes increased.
--> Coin price increased from 650 to 1,000.
--> Damage lowered from 125min175max to 100min125max.

I've digitally signed our launcher, which should help mitigate false antivirus checks over time.
Fixed blurry Spiker(E) textures.
Spirit & Joy no longer have a level requirement.