Patch Notes 12-24-21

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Patch Notes 12-24-21

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Strikes & Legendaries II, Storage Update | Coin sale!
All Coin purchases until the end of our Xmas event will give you a bonus 30% Coins. Our Xmas event date is planned within a week or two and will run for 1-2 weeks.
If you've very recently purchased Coins, let us know and we'll give you the bonus!

- You can now purchase additional full sets of five stashes in the shop. Each full set costs 1,000 coins and will grant you 50 storage spaces in one purchase. This is capped up to five additional sets for 250 storage spaces.
- Cycle between your stash sets with @stashset 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the lobby. Logging out and back in will reset you to stashset 1.
- You can also purchase an Elite Stash for 500 coins, which grants you 50 storage spaces just for elite parts. You can toggle this stash on and off in the lobby with @toggle elitestash.

Legendary items
Five new legendary items are being released.
- Vital Crusader minibot: Scales your health up by 30%. (OC6)
- Adaptation E.F: Scales all of your stats up by 8%. (OC25)
- The Canister minibot trio: Three minibots, each increasing your odds of finding a health, trans-up or recharge canister on enemy kill respectively. (HP mini OC3, Recharge OC5, Transup OC6)

Legendary flags bugs have been fixed.

Strike Streaks
Strike EXP and crystal rates have been lowered, and they will increase by a percentage up to a cap of 5 with each win. Your streak will end on loss or if you remake the room.
Legendary crystals will only drop after you've won at least two Strikes.

Augments are extra stat sticks that equip to your second mercenary slot and are not useable in PvP or BvB. They come in two tiers, Tier 1 (Crystal x Giga cost) and Tier 2 (Crystal x Coin cost).
Augments greatly boost individual stats of your choosing, however they are only available in 1, 3 and 7 days - so they are very much a lategame crystal sink item.
Here are the regular available Augments -
Health, Speed, TA, TD, Luck.
Here's one of the unique Augments -
Crystal Augment: Increases your chance of finding Legendary Crystals in Strikes.

- Recoded the entire inventory & items system, so items should no longer automatically delete. This may cause some initial wonkiness during the transfer period.
- TA & TD increased on various mobs in Strikes.
- Solo EXP in Strikes has been nerfed, Party XP bonus has been buffed.
- Nerfed legendary crystal from 1/20 to 1/50. We're open to feedback about how legendary crystals feel in regards to their drop rate.
- Slightly increased story quest EXP to further assist with the first grind to level 100.
- Added a Mera quest line to the main story quests.
- Nerfed Virus Assault gigas on loss.

What's next
We will be entering the last stage of stabilization fixes. Our next focus is fixing connections followed by the delayed Christmas event.
SKIN WHEN? Ross is now finalizing the coding process, expect it very soon™!