Patch Notes 11-28-21

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Patch Notes 11-28-21

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Strikes & Legendary items Update

New maps in Sector: Strikes
We've added 5 new maps and will be adding more over time with a different approach to gameplay. All enemies inflict lethal damage but also have a small pool of health. These changes make for a much more intense and fast-paced experience.
You'll need to master your movement and knowledge of enemy's attacks to survive.
--> Strikes can only be played randomly, meaning you will constantly be faced with various enemies.
--> Strikes are based on variety, you won't be facing enemies you'd expect to on that map typically. They aren't canon with the story.
--> Experience is competitive with Mera maps.
--> Strikes are the primary method to obtain a new currency for new items in the Overclock shop, info below.

New currency: Crystals
Crystals are only obtainable from Strikes. You gain one Crystal per kill in Strikes, and you will gain more at the end of the level - more for a win.
Crystals are used to purchase Legendary items, more info below.
--> Crystals cannot be traded.
--> Crystals can also drop from enemies in the form of a large blue crystal, granting between 10-30 Crystals.
--> A Legendary Crystal can drop in the form of a large purple crystal.
--> Legendary Crystals are also required to purchase Legendary items and can be traded. They are a single item and not a currency in themselves.
--> Crystals can be checked with @crystals in the lobby. They will also display automatically in the lobby if you have more than 0.

Legendary Items
We wanted to hit the middle-ground between vanilla BOTS items and Superweapons for higher OC players with this update. Legendary items are unique, mostly offering options that haven't been seen before today.
Legendary items are very powerful, but to make up for this, you can only equip one at a time. Naturally, they are banned from PvP and Base vs Base.
--> Vengeance: OC6. Much higher ammo version of the Justice gun.
--> Redemption: OC6. A shield that negates 100% of damage when blocking.
--> Tailwind: OC11. A shoulder part that grants 65 speed. This item is the only way to reach higher than normal speed levels.
--> Galeforce: OC21. Increase your evade by a percentage. The more evade you have, the more this flag will grant you, allowing you to even reach the maximum amount if you've built enough evade.
--> Stormrage: OC21. Increase your transformed damage by your SP stat. With this flag, you can equip SP coin items and further increase your transformed damage.
--> Cataclysm: OC21. Increase your TA by a percentage. If you go full TA items, you will be able to exponentially increase your TA with this flag.

We've buffed Justice as well, increasing its ammo and recharge by 1. (ammo 6>7, recharge 2>3)


Fixed a bug where players would keep crashing on the channel select screen after disconneting. You may still crash once, but it will function after that.

Yellow text has been updated in all Sector maps to more accurately reflect the story we're going for.

Discord linking is now functional.
--> for more info on how to link.
--> Nitro boosting is now tracked by the server.
--> We're excited to release Discord integrated features soon!

To cap off this update, we will be adding many more Legendary Items, more uses for Crystals in the form of temporary boosts, and many more Strikes.
We'll add some more features over the next few days, cleaning up the patch, and then get straight to work on connections next.