Patch Notes 03-02-22

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Patch Notes 03-02-22

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--> Relay and connections have been massively improved on the test server.
--> Currently, we believe the bug requiring players to join a room twice has been fixed.
--> Fixed a backend packet error that caused various crashes, including trade (chatting in trade) and gift related crashes.
--> Max length passwords no longer cause the room to be unenterable.
--> You no longer crash if you send a max length message.

Xmas Event
We're extending the Xmas event until the 4th so that players can enjoy it with the stability improvements. Here are the changes -
--> Mera now has a 10% Xmas box rate.
--> Strikes/17/90 now have an 8% Xmas box rate.
--> 12 now only has a 60% Xmas box rate, and is getting a nerf so it's significantly easier to complete.
--> BvB now has a 15% Xmas box rate.
--> PvP now has a 12% Xmas box rate.
--> All other Sector maps now have a 5% Xmas box rate (up from 1%).
--> 30% bonus EXP is being reduced to 15% for the remainder of the event.
--> Coin sale will stay active until friday, when it will return to normal.

--> TWO NEW STRIKE MAPS have been added to the Strike pool.
--> EliteGanda mercenary now has a 1/1000 chance to drop from all in-game Ganda variants.
--> New PvP map: Stardeck.
--> You can now add +op to your room name to allow overpowered items in your PvP/BvB rooms.

Item Presets
You can now save and load item sets! Here are examples of how to use the new commands:
@itemset save 1
--> Saves your current equipment (armor, gear, skill packs, etc.) as item set 1
@itemset 1
--> Automatically searches your inventory, stash, elite stash, and currently loaded extra stash for the items in item set 1, and equips them if they are all found.
@itemset name 1 Standard
--> Assigns the name "Standard" to item set 1
@itemset names
--> Displays a list of your saved item sets and their names
For all of these commands, @set can be used as a shortcut, instead of @itemset.

Cataclysm Rework
Now grants additional base (min/max) damage for crit over 1,000.
--> (crit-1000)/62
--> Expected max value at current power (this is uncapped) is about 20 attmin/max.
Now grants additional ranged attack for TA over 2,000.
--> (TA-2000)/5
--> This is capped at 200 bonus ranged attack.

--> Lv100(Return to Macro) now rewards 30% more EXP and drops fully crafted +1 E.Fs.
--> Barbarian enemy has been added to the HeatCore Strike.
--> All barrels now drop one recharge.

--> @elitestash can now use @es as a shortcut.
--> @stashset can now use @ss as a shortcut.
--> Players are now notified when a guild member/friend go offline.
--> Autosell can be purchased at 300k xp if still at OC0.
--> Xmogged(+4) items can now be placed into the elite stash.
--> PvP games that fail to start due to an OP item item now sends a message with the item name that blocked it
--> Hackenn PvP map moved up the map list.
--> Transistor Valley PvP map will now correctly load Transistor Valley instead of Flop.
--> Fixed extra stash set purchase item description.
--> Descriptions for all OC items are now standardized and should all show correct OC level.