Patch Notes 9-16-21

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Patch Notes 9-16-21

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Corrupted Hounds have inhabited the once-cleared X Sectors, but a friendly force calls for rescue. Defeat the Ohka Pup and it will join you on your adventures forever!
The Ohka Pup joins you from a young age, but will grow in power and size as you earn EXP while you have it equipped - purchase the PupUpgrade from the specials tab in the shop to level up your pup once it has gained enough experience. Check your pups exp with the @dogexp command in the lobby.
The Ohka Pup has simple attacks but is quick to act and is more intelligent than most standard mercenaries. It will start out very weak, but will grow powerful over time. The pup is easily overwhelmed, but excels at taking down bosses!

Overclock shop
Transformation coupon, Combination coupon & HP packs now have discounted variants in the Overclock shop.
Chernobyl merc has been added to the Overclock shop. Chernobyl is for Sector & Virus Assault modes only. Requires Overclock 15.
Bubbleboy merc has been added to the overclock shop. Bubbleboy is for Sector & Virus assault modes only. Requires Overclock 8.

Added the Autosell coupon to the shop. When toggled, your box pickups that are not rare will automatically sell to the shop. Toggle on/off with @toggle autosell in the lobby.

Added BOX-Swapper coupon to the OC shop. When toggled, your box pickups have a chance to be from other BOT types. Toggle on/off with @toggle boxdrops in the lobby.

VA Carlos regeneration reduced by 30%, HP increased by 15%.
VA Bubbleboy regeneration reduced by 50%, HP increased by 50%.
VA Kowbat regeneration reduced by 30%, HP increased by 15%.
Reduced points gained from defeating the Base Virus in VA.
Increased points from killing regular Viruses in VA.
Removed party XP bonus from VA.
Reduced Bot-Stract obtained from VA significantly.
Added time element to VA EXP.
Loot eligibility has been set to 120 seconds for VA.
Added two Nimbas to Hard & Corrupted.
Slight modifications to Carlos & Collector A.I to better defend against ledge strategies.
Increased VA Bubbleboys range & decreased run chance.

Holodeck EXP increased by 20%.
Items are once again adjusted to your BOT type when picked up.
Added giga Stash functionality.
Reduced HP pack price.
Overclock price has been increased from 35,000 to 41,000.
Removed block chance from level 78 turrets & cannons and increased their HP.
Kill count now count for everyone in the rooms quests.
Fixed bugs related to the @quest command.
Fixed PvP quests not properly finishing.
Win 5 PvP games daily quest replaced with play 10 PvP games.
@quests with VA quests now correctly display the quest name.
Updated Shuriken & Scalper merc descriptions.
Transformation-Coupon renamed to Transformation.
Combination-Coupon renamed to Combination.