Patch Notes 7-15-21

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Patch Notes 7-15-21

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- Bosses should consistently drop an RB at the end of a sector map now.

- Capsule drops from medics (Elkerns, crates) in sector are now more randomised.
A limit has also been added for how many of each type of capsule they can drop.

- Using an equipped RB/HP pack in sector no longer causes other equipped items to disappear.

- Fixed a bug where picking up an RB in sector could sometimes cause a loss even if other players were still alive.

- Mob kill count now displays correctly on the scoreboard.

- Bonus experience for MVP is now applied correctly.

- Bonus luck from Overclock now displays correctly in My Info.
Updated new Overclock icon in the shop.

- Various internal bug fixes.
Also a number of other changes for optimisation, attempting to reduce server lag