Patch Notes 7-1-21

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Patch Notes 7-1-21

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XP Doubler has been added:
->This item is a consumeable purchased directly from the shop
->After purchasing, your BOT will receive 100% additional base XP from all maps for the duration of the coupon
-->You'll be notified of the duration remaining on your coupon on every lobby entry

Doublers can be found under the PowerUps section in Special
->This item cannot be purchased by level 100s or if you already have one
-->If you have a coupon or are level 100, you will receive a "This item does not exist error"; this is not a bug

XP Bonuses are now additive rather than multiplicative
XP Doublers and Stashes can now be gifted

Gold Bar sell values have been adjusted:
->(1), (3), (6) now sell for 5, 15 and 30 respectively
->The 0 bar has been removed (discontinued versions will still sell for 10 coins)

Virus-Disk now has Trans Speed in addition to Special Trans
Tri-PlaterGUN now has appropriate GUN values
Several ai values have been readjusted
Celerity-Implant received a slight texture modification
The AddCoins button now properly leads to the Coin Shop